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Model NO. Y-K001919 M.NT68676 For LP125WH2 SLB1 N134B6-L01 LT131DEVHV00 IPEX40P 1366X768
Model NO. Y-K001915 M.NT68676 For IPEX40Pin 1366x768 N116B6-L04 B116XW01 V0 LTN116AT02
Model NO. K001900 M.NT68676 For G215HAN01.0 G240HW01 VO V1 1920X1080 FIX30P 双8 9Pin 1.25mm
Model NO. (K000755) M.NT68676 for 1920X1080
Model NO. K00444 M.NT68676 for 22" LCD
Model NO. K001873 M.NT68676 For TX39D30VC1GAA 1280x800
Model NO. K000415 M.NT68676.2A for 15.4inch 1680x1050 lcd

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