Installation and Attention


1. The LCD controller board input power voltage must be 12Vdc (except some boards which have marked need to use 5Vdc), the power current is recommended to be 2A or greater than 2A. If you not sure, please confirm on the purchase link page, or confirm with the seller. (Important: If using a wrong power adapter, the board maybe be burned, so please take care of this.)

2. Dont change the controller board settings, all boards have been set with compatible firmware and the right setting, and signal cable already has been connected on the board. ( The signal cable connector pin on board which has a mark is Pin1.)

3. Refer to the purchase link picture to connect the cables. (Important: If connect with the wrong direction, sometimes may damage the LCD, so please take care of this.) Before powering on, confirm whether the signal cable between the LCD screen and the controller board is connected to the right pin, and confirm whether the screen backlight cable is connected to the inverter board (booster board).

4. After the right connecting, before powering the board, check the board not touch the panel backside of the LCD or other conductive substance which may lead the board short condition.  Then input the power and input the signal source at the same time, the screen and controller board will work normally.

5. If you have any other questions or problems which you can’t solve with following “Trouble analysis and shooting”, please feel free to contact with us before leaving a feedback or give a dispute, we will reply to you in 24hours to solve the problem or refund to you if it can’t be fixed.

6.   When you contact us, please provide the next information by photos for us to analysis:

A. Your screen type name. (Take a photo of the screen backside label)

B. Your all connecting condition, especially for signal cable to the panel connector. (Take photos of them.)

C. Your power adapter spec. (Take a photo of power adapter spec. label)

7.   When you return one product to the warehouse, it sometimes means throw away it. The probability of being recycled is very, very low. So in order to protect our environment, we hope you can take time to analysis or contact the seller before you return this product. Thanks a lot.

8.   Hope you can get a useful product, and give us positive feedback, thanks.