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Model NO. K002318-VS-RT2795T4K-002-40pin for 15.6inch 144Hz B156HAN07.1 1920X1080
Model NO. K002317-VS-RTD2556HM-V2-120Hz N156HHE-GA1 N156HCE-GA2 b156han04.2 1920X1080
Model NO. K002167-VS-RT2795T4K-V5 Type-C For LQ125D1JW31 3860x2140 4K
Model NO. K002166-VS-RT2795T4K-V1 For LQ125D1JW31 3860x2140 4K
Model NO. K002163-VS-RT2795T4K-V1 For NV184QUM-N21 3860x2140 4K
Model NO. K002073-VS-TYEDP-V807 For 1920x1200 G101UAN01.0
Model NO. K001981-VS-RTD2556HC-V1 for NV133QHM-A51

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